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2022 Honda Civic Sedan

What’s new about this car?

We are all excited about the new 11th generation Honda Civic!   Here’s some new features to expect with this new model.

  • We have some nice sleek smooth lines, and that give this car an upscale look, not only will it look upscale, it will drive upscale. 
  • Gas pedal feel. One thing that Honda got right is that when you take off from a dead stop, you get the right amount of power, not so little that you feel like you’re driving a Prius in Eco Mode, but not so much that it snaps your head back or makes your passengers silently curse you. It’s just right.  With added horsepower from both powertrains.  The 2.0 will give you 158hp and the 1.5Turbo will max out at 180hp!
  • Handling is definitely improved over previous Civics and is perfectly tuned for urban and suburban environments. The car is comfortable and pliant on city streets but seems to grip well without that body lean on corners. Now with Agile Handling Assists (AHA) taken from the Acura line, the inner rear brake is applied when taking corners to ensure maximum control at all times.  Feels like a far more expensive car than previous Civics, although it’s not.  It’s still projected to be priced really well!
  • Now we will see some more gas savings with idle stop standard on all trims- turning off the engine when you are at a stop light.  Getting an average of 6.9L/100km
  • Trademark Honda Lane Watch camera is now replaced with Blind Spot Information (BSI) and is now standard on ALL trims. 
  • Traffic Sign Recognition on ALL trims!  The civic will recognize the traffic signs and let the driver know the posted speed limit at all times, this camera is further improved to not only recognize traffic speed signs, it is also designed to recognize curbs, pedestrians, vehicles, now allowing us features such as low-speed braking control, Traffic Jam Assist!
  • Available Rear Cross Traffic Monitor system plus available painted front and rear parking sensors! 
  • Standard LED lights!  Low beam and High Beam! On ALL trims! 
  • Available BOSE 12 speaker audio system. 
  • Available Wireless Apple Car Play