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In order to maximize your tire lifespan, there are regular tire maintenances that should be performed.

Wheel Balance

Steel weights are added to your vehicle’s wheels to ensure they rotate smoothly down the road. If a wheel is not correctly balanced, the uneven centrifugal forces will cause a shaking sensation that becomes more vigorous with increases in velocity. Balancing the tire will prevent the wobbling feeling which will then allow your vehicle to track as intended.

Tire Rotation

Due to factors such as the weight of the engine, power distribution and steering duties, the front tires on vehicles tend to wear at a much greater rate than the rear tires. To ensure the most linear wear it is recommended to rotate the vehicles tires from front to rear at the manufacturer’s suggested interval. This will assist in maintaining equal edge and center block tread wear allowing your tires to provide maximum traction, fuel economy and smooth ride across their entire lifespan.

Most vehicles are front wheel drive, which means there is more power turning the front wheels. Over time you will see these tires wear down faster than the rears. To maximize the lifespan, rotating the tires will give even tire wear on all 4 tires through its life span.

Tire Repair

Westwood Honda is here for you in the event of any unforeseen road hazard instances. Many punctures to the tire’s contact tread area are quickly and easily repaired utilizing an internal patch and plug method to provide the most durable repair available.

PSI Inspection

Proper tire pressures will ensure a smoother ride and proper fuel mileage on your vehicle. Most modern vehicles are equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems which will notify you of any concerns.

Wheel Alignment

Everyday wear and tear caused by potholes, curbs, speed bumps, and other road debris can cause the finite suspension alignment angles to fall out of specification which may lead to premature tire wear and adversely affect fuel economy. When performing an alignment, we will re-adjust those angles to ensure your vehicle tracks straight and you also maximize the lifespan of all your tires.


7 Steps to Tire Storage

Reduce air pressure to around half the PSI your vehicle specifies.

By reducing tire pressure to half the vehicle specified level will lessen the burden of the rubber and minimize degradation. Refer to your owners guide for your vehicles Specified Tire pressure.

See Your Service Advisor and Take Advantage of Our Seasonal Tire Storage Starting at $50 Per Season.

We take care of all of the above steps for as low as $50 per tire season.

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